Girl’s Day Minah Announces Comeback.

Five membered Korean girl group ‘Girl’s Day’ is making a comeback! A video was uploaded on Girl’s Day’s official YouTube channel titled “Minah’s Video Message.”

The video shows main vocalist Minah all dressed up and prepared for the shooting of ongoing Korean drama Vampire Idol, acting cute and telling viewers to shush. Minah then explains to her fans that she is shooting for Vampire Idol, going on to explain about the “big big big” news, that Girl’s Day will be making a comeback soon. Minah is then seen practicing her lines with Girl’s Day’s “Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander” as the background music thus ending the clip. Although exact dates and details are not stated, ‘DAI5Y’s (Girls Day Fanclub name) are going potty over the news. 

Girl’s Day first debuted back in 2010 with the release of ‘Tilt My Head‘ bringing a sense of the Japanese Harajuku style to Korea. This was followed with a complete change in style and look with the release of  ‘Nothing Lasts Forever‘. Two members Ji Sun and Ji In left the group and two new members replaced the open spots, making this the official debut of the new group.

In March 2011 they made their comeback after their overseas tour and greeted Korea with ‘Twinkle Twinkle‘ which was an instant success landing them the No.1 spot upon its release. This song also granted them a lot of popularity, making Girl’s Day a household name in Korea. Their fourth comeback was promoting ‘Hug Me Once‘ and then ‘Dont Flirt (Dont Let You Eyes Wander)‘.

Girl’s Day are definitely a cute group, each girl has their own character, and their vocals are always controlled so you receive a cute image when needed, or a powerful more mature sound. Let’s hope we see a little more maturity this time round, as the cutsie look is a little over done at the moment, and it would be good to see what else the girls have to offer us.

Check out the video clip of Minah below.

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