Portal 2: The Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC

Cave Johnson, the fictional smooth talker and CEO of Aperture Science has had a brainwave and Valve are now set to share it with the world. The new release of DLC for Portal 2 has been long awaited since the last piece which was the further co-operative testing chambers.

Watch below as Cave outlines how he intends to avoid budget issues and bring you into the Perpetual Testing Initiative.

Gamers will now be able to create test chambers no matter the level of skill they have with modifying games. So you don’t need to be a master game coder to feel like Glados. The prospects of the sort of chambers we can look forward to seeing will be an appealing and daunting prospect.

Designed by people who want a stab at being mischievous and those who have spent way too much time thinking outside the box, we can expect chambers for visual stunning beauty, intricate design, devilishly complicated environments and just horrendously over the top ways in which to kill the player.

The DLC is set for a PC and Mac release and will be free on Steam at some point in early May. Possibly due to the control scheme this will not be finding its way to either the Xbox 360 or to the Playstation 3. However I can’t foresee it remaining that way for long when Portal 2 has such a large fan base across all consoles and mediums.

So time to start working together for science because when life gives you lemons; don’t make lemonade, make life take the lemons back! Now you’re thinking with portals.

Source: Valve’s Official YouTube Channel

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