Brentalfloss Bits Of Me Album Preview

A little while ago I was lucky enough to be able to interview Video Game Parody Songwriter brentalfloss (AKA Brent Black) for MCM Buzz. He was nice enough to send me some tracks from his upcoming second album to have a listen to and today I’ll be bringing you a preview of what you can expect from the album Bits Of Me. We will have a full review of the album when it is released in the coming weeks.

The 18 track album starts off with a huge bang. The opening track, This Is The Album You’ve Been Waiting For, is fantastic. One of Brent’s non video game tracks, it’s an incredibly self aware song about the album you’re about to listen to. It reminds me a lot of the track Master Exploder by Tenacious D in its confidence, but pulled off with a classy mix of a Freddie Mercury and Elton John inspired sound. It promises big things, which the rest of the album not only delivers but surpasses. Quite honestly, I have never heard an opening track which got me so excited to listen to an album.

About halfway through the album we get the track Star Fox: Space Oddity. You might have guessed from the title that this is a cover of the classic David Bowie song but with Star Fox centric lyrics. What surprised me most about this song is how flawlessly it keeps the feel of the original track while being laugh out loud hilarious. It’s clever, fast paced and relentlessly funny without loosing the feel of Bowie‘s original track. Since the YouTube version of this song, Brent has redone the audio and it sounds incredibly polished. I can’t tell you enough how good the audio quality on the new album is, it’s a real step up from both his YouTube videos and his last album.

The first CD exclusive track you’ll come across is Meet Me In The Dungeon, Dear (Zelda 1 Ending Credits). The song is completely different to anything you have heard from brentalfloss in the past and it really caught me off guard. The best comparison I can make is that it sounds a bit like The Andrews Sisters “Oh Johnny! Oh Johnny! Oh!” It has a 1940s big band style, but with lyrics that take the idea of Link rescuing Zelda in a slightly darker direction e.g. “How I love the thought of you in chains, please get kidnapped again.” It’s the sort of song that if played in front of parents who don’t know video games, they would likely enjoy it, not noticing the gaming references. One of my favourite tracks I’ve heard from the album, and one that shows just how much creativity Brent still has up his sleeves.

Next up is Castlevania II With Lyrics. This is another track that sounds brilliant thanks to it having been redone for the album. The track may be short, but it makes up for that with its unrelenting speed and energy. I feel like I need to grab one of my cosplay swords and head to the streets looking for vampires and zombies to slay every time I hear it. It just makes you want to leap to your feet and battle your way through hordes of monsters. Nothing more I can say, except that it does its job very well and really captures the essence of the game.

The last track I will be talking about in this preview is another CD exclusive track called Baby Mario & Papa Yoshi. It follows the big band feel of Meet Me In The Dungeon, Dear but is far more closely video game referential. It takes the idea of Yoshis deciding which of them is going to eat a certain baby plumber but manages to make it very light hearted. It’s the most amusing track I’ve heard from the album and makes me laugh every time. Oh, and the voice of Baby Mario is adorable beyond belief.

From what I have heard, the album is shaping up to be tremendous. Assuming that the rest of the YouTube tracks receive as strong a revamp as the ones I have heard so far, this will not only outdo his first album, but be one of my personal favourites, comedy or not. There will be a review of the full album when it is released, but I suspect that the hype built up in the opening track is not misplaced.

You can see more of Brent’s videos on his YouTube page and pre-order his album here.

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