Iron Sky Review

May 23rd heralds the coming of one of the most unlikely action comedy films: Iron Sky. Premiering in London’s Leicester Square on Monday 21st May, MCMBuzz was able to get a first glance at the film which has already invaded cinemas across Europe.

After Iron Sky’s first ever showing back in February at the Berlin International Film Festival, a growing collection of fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival to British screens. Banners of “The Moon Nazi’s are coming!” were being held aloft as ‘SS’ Soldiers in gas masks patrolled the entry line to the Prince Charles Theatre, and as we took our seats wondering what sort of movie this was going to be, the swastika projected onto the main screen’s red curtains.

The comedy action sci-fi hit, directed by Timo Vuorensola, describes how the Nazi’s left the earth in 1945 to settle on the moon, lying in wait to strike out their master plan of sharing love and peace and enforcing the Aryan race as the dominant power. For in their eyes ‘the world is sick and they are the cure!’ Of course this great master plan is taken from an extract of Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator. Already the audience begin to piece together how the film is not going to follow the exact plans of the Führer.

So when a manned moon landing for a presidential election campaign starts waking the iron war machine, the nations unite to tackle this historic foe, who now has no concept of the modern world. With armistice treaties broken by all nations (except Finland of course), interplanetary space Zeppelins which launch UFOs, a crazed German scientist, overzealous fashion designers, and even a fist fight brawl between the world leaders, this film really does try to entertain in every way possible. No nation, or planet, is left unscathed by Iron Sky’s fun poking comic style.

From its early production back in 2006 to first recording in 2010, Iron Sky was set to be a science fiction comedy which left audiences laughing in their seats throughout. When the entire cinema bursts into laughter three minutes into the film, all through to the final few scenes, then Vuorensola has truly achieved what he set out to do.

Iron Sky has to be watched with the intention of thinking it will be so bad, that it will be funny. And because of this viewers are taken on a ride more fantastic than they could ever expect. The film wants to be laughed at and it doesn’t just set you up with one line jokes, but leads the audience to giggle at every aspect from props and sets to “emergency patriotic motivation sirens.”

As much as film critics have given this an even 50/50 I feel that everyone can enjoy this movie, providing you’re the right age of certification of course, even if only for the beautifully finished CGI which really shows how the producers wrangled every penny out of the budget. Not a single Euro was wasted, as a film which could have been seen as a B-rated sub standard hit, manages to march into the big A-listed screen collection.

Unfortunately the decisions of the UK distributor, Revolver Entertainment, has led to a public condemnation from the filmmakers, as Iron Sky will only benefit from a single day release nationwide. Viewable in cinemas on May 23rd only, Revolver Entertainment has come under fire and accusation of misleading the filmmakers.

I genuinely am shocked as Iron Sky could easily find its way to the top ten for its unrelenting attitude to comedy and action. And while certain scenes left some of the audience cringing in their seats, others were still bellowing laughter, and popcorn, around the cinema.

With a quickly approaching DVD/Blu-Ray release date on May 28th to counteract the single day showing, it won’t be long before everyone can enjoy this movie in the comfort of their own homes. And you can laugh as much as you want, because the tongue is so far into the cheek that you will never feel guilty about laughing at the tyrant Nazi war regime.

A giggling 8 out of 10 from me. Though watch the trailer below and see the movie to let us know what you think!

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