Gamespot UK: Trials Evolution Tournament

So to kick off the fantastic Expo weekend, one of the first main events pits gamers head to head on Trials Evolution at the MCM Gamespot UK stage. Set to truly challenge these avid gamers Gamespot gave only one hour to see who really is champ on the dirt bike. Perhaps fortunately for others, my skills in Trials Evolution HD have been found somewhat lacking ever since the game’s initial release as a browser game a couple of years back.

So kicking off with a 2 vs 2 between the crowd and some of the hosts from Gamespot, challengers took to the stage to take on the likes of Dan, in the hopes of winning the official Gamespot UK bag and T-shirt. With nail-biting cheering and lots of “oohs” from the crowd, Gamespot finest nearly nailed the win on multiple occasions, but with a few lucky jumps and a lot of encouragement, people like Chris and Sam walked away with the goodies.

Whilst not everyone got a chance to make ’top of the leaderboard’, Gamespot didn’t hold back on offering out the goods. Any of the participants were able to take away a T-shirt, providing they hone their skills some more.

All in all it has been a great start to the day and really helps show that there’s a lot on offer at the MCM Expo this weekend. Gamespot have got the ball rolling and have much more on offer as well so keep an eye on the MCM Buzz!

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to have a look today or jump in on the action, Trials Evolution HD is available for download through Xbox live arcade and the Playstation Network. With a fully integrated map editor and creator tool, who’s to stop you from holding your own tournament at home, though perhaps without as many cool prizes.


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