Dead or Alive Tournament Final!

As a strong standing series in the games industry, Dead or Alive has had everyone bouncing with joy since its first release and its combat system caused gamers to focus on high-speed action gameplay. Yesterday Team Ninja were at the MCM Gamespot UK stage for the final of the tournament being held at their stall.

Four challengers were brought forward for the semi-final and even though Dead or Alive 5 was being shown in its Alpha Demo, these hardcore gamers were already showing great skills – two of the challengers had even packed Joystick pads! Now that is some dedication!

This really was a great chance to showcase the new visuals and adaptive gameplay, and it was beautiful. The visuals have received a major overhaul; not just the individual characters, but the scenery of the maps, from distant background to the arena’s boundaries.

The first game, which had some impressive last-minute comebacks (apparently Ryu Hayabusa has a few impressive attacks!), went to gamer Izayaoi Master.

Whilst watching the second semi-final bout, it was clear how much DoA5 has developed since its previous title. The map itself feels so much more interactive now, as hazardous objects are dotted around; you see how the map changes and players are moved from one section to another mid-fight. Each of these transitions seems to up the anti. One map (set in a construction site) has over 3 tiers to knock your opponent through!

The second game went to gamer Messy. That game had a lot of wall bashes and combo hits!

So we reach the final: Izayaoi Master Vs Messy (both gamers have had their matches streamed live through For a game still in its Alpha Demo, these guys have fallen into the groove very quickly which bodes well for gamers. After some seriously tense moments, a fantastic comeback at one stage and a grand display of the game’s new animations through combo finishers and knocking enemies from one area to another, the winner was Messy – congratulations!

Dead or Alive 5 is set for a September release this year and as standard with the game series, will be available on Xbox 360 as well as Playstation 3.  And I can sign off quite proudly stating, not one mention of “jiggle physics”…oh darn.



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