Transformers Universe Panel

With only a teaser trailer so far, it was great to get ‘hands on’ with Transformers Universe at the MCM Gamestop UK stage yesterday. Up until now, Jagex have been somewhat cryptic and have teased the world with only tid-bits of information, but with Kelly Veira (Story Writer) and Chris Jones (Executive Producer) taking to the stage, we can reveal which questions have been answered by gamers over this weekend.

Jagex obviously have some great history with MMOs due to their big success with Runescape – Chris confirmed it’s helped smooth the process, as unlike some MMO creators they have a basis to work from. Having said that, the game engine used for Runescape’s browser-based play has taken a complete overhaul and been rebuilt for the purpose of greatly improving the standards of browser play.

The game is to be set in the ‘Prime Universe’ but the design is to take a grittier approach. Not all leading names will appear as NPCs at the game’s launch but are set to be included at later dates. You can expect the usual levelling system found in any RPG but combat is set to be more fluid and fast-paced. The transition from vehicle to biped won’t be a ‘mount’ and take players out of combat, but will be integrated to really free-flow the combat.

This is Transformers Universe, so we can look forward to exploring other worlds, and either take to the stars alone or as a team or clan! Transformer characters can be thousands of years old, so you can expect a fantastically wide scope!

If you missed your chance to pre-register your name and reserve it, along with deciding on which side of the Autobot/Decepticon battle you will be fighting, make sure you don’t miss out further by registering for updates directly at now!


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