Dragon’s Dogma Release Panel

Following the recent reviews of Dragon’s Dogma and the full game release last Friday, I couldn’t resist getting in and down to the Q&A session at the Gamespot UK stage, hoping to glean that little bit more before I head out to buy the game in stores.

The only disappointing thing about this session demo was that it really showed me how I don’t successfully play the game in comparison. Looks like I’m going to have to spend a few more hours in game!

The developers confirmed on stage that the game does indeed follow a Monster Hunter style of action and is indeed based somewhat heavily on Greek mythology, though taking a more ‘Tolkein’ approach to locations.

Those who had not yet purchased it were able to see the opening cut scene to help build the back-story to the game. Without hitting those oh so shameful spoilers, Dragon’s Dogma is a tale about the return of the Grand Dragon and its selection of the ‘Arisen’ (namely you) and how your journey leads you down the path that has now been set out by the opening scene’s actions.

If you look to purchase this game then apparently you will have a good 30-40 hours of gameplay by steamrolling through the main quests, but for those more intricate gamers who don’t like leaving anything untouched, the side quests will expand this number to over 80 hours of gameplay.

As a final word of wisdom and a rather large incentive, it was confirmed that Dragon’s Dogma will grant access to the beta of the next Resident Evil demo later this year.

Dragons Dogma is currently available for purchase for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. 

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