Tekken Tag Tournament 2 MCM Expo Presentation

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was without a doubt extremely popular at the London MCM Expo. There was never a moment in which one of the arcade machines wasn’t occupied by a crowd of people, but this is unsurprising as Namco Bandai went through the effort of bringing the only two TTT2 arcade machines in Europe to the event for our gaming pleasure! In a small presentation about the game, Namco Bandai revealed what we can expect when Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is released onto home consoles.

There will be 50 characters in the home console version of the game when it is released, meaning that it contains the most characters seen in a Tekken game before. Many fan favourites such as Kunimitsu and Jun will be returning, as well as newer additions to the roster such as Miguel.

Namco have also been taking fan suggests into account with the stages of the game and are acting on the suggestion of more familiar country-based stages to fight on. We were also told to look forward to a very special stage that is going to be revealed at E3 in June.

More polish has found its way into the game, and Namco informed us that there is a lot of attention to detail when fighting, such as dust appearing on the fighters when they fall over and blood/bruises appearing in the correct places when fighting.

The main message from Namco is that they want this to be the biggest and best Tekken game ever. A new training mode has been added to the game which will ease new players in, starting with basic hits and eventually teaching them how to perform full juggle combos. Namco are keen for both new players and old fans to be able to pick up the game and enjoy themselves, and this stretches to the online gameplay as well, which has been given serious attention after the mess that was Tekken 6.

It’s clear that fighting game fans will have a lot to look forward with the release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. You’ll be able to pick up the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of the game on the 14th of September

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