Interview with Michael Sinterniklaas and Stephanie Sheh

On the Saturday of the London MCM Expo it was possible to sit in and watch the panel with Michael Sinterniklaas and Stephanie Sheh as they talked about their work on the upcoming film Welcome to the Space Show. Even though there were so many questions asked and a nice large portion of the film shown, I wanted a chance to speak to these star voice actors and thankfully was allowed some ‘one-to-one’ time for a quick chat on the Sunday at the Excel centre. Stephanie Sheh and Michael Sinterniklaas are two great people to chat with who in a very animated way bounce off each other when speaking.

Liam Martin: Thanks for letting me get a chance to chat to you guys. After the panel yesterday it was really a hectic rush to be able to get you guys to your signings!

Stephanie Sheh: It was a bit manic yeah!

Liam Martin: Well obviously there were a lot of questions about Welcome to the Space Show and I just wanted a little bit more of an insight. How was it you were both approached to work on the show?

Michael Sinterniklaas: Well I had heard of it before, as I was working with another client in New York back for the film festival and I heard of it but hadn’t yet seen it. I was in L.A. when it was screened in New York so I was first approached about it and reacted with “Ooh, I’ve heard of this and heard it’s incredible and also very long,” so I was very excited about doing it. That client was also very eager, he can’t wait to see it. It was weird because even though it is a long film I think like we somehow managed to make it feel shorter.

Liam Martin: Say in the same way as if watching a movie twice it always seems to be shorter the second time? Pre-empting what comes up on screen?

Michael Sinterniklaas: Yeah it was so great to go in and voice act after you know everything about the film. You know normally when you go to voice act for something you don’t get to watch everything.

Stephanie Sheh: We only usually see our parts, not what else is happening on in the film.

Michael Sinterniklaas: So it’s really made it special and as you know obviously the film is coming out in the UK first rather than in the US.

Liam Martin: I’ve got to admit it makes a nice change (laughs)

Michael Sinterniklaas: (laughs) Yeah! I hope it’s something being looked forward to!

Liam Martin: When I first heard about it and then saw you guys were here, I thought ‘I better get some research going’ and I was genuinely surprised at how much of a fan base it has already generated since 2010. I know ‘whose favourite’ questions are hard as you said yesterday and I don’t want to cause a fight, but as a fan of Bleach and Naruto, something that you have both worked on, have you two ever debated about what is preferred?

Michael Sinterniklaas: (pointing to Stephanie Sheh) Well I definitely think she’s better at it than me!

Stephanie Sheh: I think they are two very different shows, I mean obviously the animation is similar because of the same parent company, but it’s really different and it’s hard to compare the two. Like they’re both ongoing shows and have been for so long, and you will have so many different parts, throughout with story arcs and filler too.

Liam Martin: With Naruto and Bleach, especially Bleach, they have had different ways of approaching filler arcs. For example the way ‘Sora’ was introduced in Naruto (Michael Sinterniklaas) was a nice blend to the story, whereas Bleach has been known to stop mid-fight. Following on from that obviously Bleach has had the announcement confirming they are soon to be stopping. Have you heard anything along those lines about Naruto?

Stephanie Sheh: I am always the last person to know, honestly! (laughs)

Liam Martin: (laughs) Probably due to people like me pestering you guys for the inside info all the time. Thank you very much guys for the chat I’ll let you get back to signing with all the others!

It was a great pleasure to speak to them both and keep an eye open for more information about Welcome to the Space Show as well as reading about the coverage of the panel at MCM Expo here on


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