The First Eight Minutes of Blood-C The Last Dark

Blood-C The Last Dark is released in cinemas across Japan today (June 2nd).

A collaboration between CLAMP and Production I.G., the film is set one year after the events of the TV series, and has Saya Kisaragi (Nana Mizuki) arriving in Tokyo to deliver vengeance to Nanahara Fumito (Kenji Nojima). She soon discovers that she’s not the only one after him. A group of teenage freedom fighters calling themselves Sirrut also intend to take down Fumito, who has used his connections in the political world to control Tokyo.

A video showcasing the first eight minutes of the film went up on Yahoo Japan Movies. Since then a YouTube upload has appeared. The quality appears to be marginally better. With Saya arriving on a subway train, the opening manages to a come across as a pretty cool homage to the original Blood: The Last Vampire anime.

With Saya voiced by the singer/voice actress Nana Mizuki, she also contributes to the soundtrack for the film with Metro Baroque. The promotional video even features her wielding a katana!

On the day of the film’s release, the official site revealed some extra merchandise to tie in with the film. As well as some cool T-shirts, you too can also purchase an official replica of Saya’s uniform (with deep red ribbon). However, as a collaboration with Angelic Pretty, it looks like this might be limited to Japan, as you can only purchase it straight from Angelic Pretty stores or online though movie merchandise site Froovie. It also comes at a cost of Ұ31,290 (about £260)!

At the film’s premiere in Japan it was revealed that Blood-C The Last Dark would play at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Canada, which does increase the possibility of it being picked up for a Western release.

Source: Official Site | Yahoo Japan Movies

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