Euro Cosplay Qualifier at MCM Expo May 2012

The Euro Cosplay Qualifier was held last week and WOW, what a show! will be having a gallery up soon and there have been some fantastic costumes displayed! With England winning last year’s award, there was a notable tension in the air as cosplayers competed for the chance to go through and ultimately represent the nation!

To kick off the event the junior cosplayers took to the stage first. Not only was it brave but it was also a great way to start the ball rolling. Catwoman, Donkey Kong, Meltdown Sisters and the robot from LMFA all took the stage, some as young as 10 and as the rules state all these young cosplayers made their own costumes too!

Over 40 participants entered to show off their costumes and a select number entered for the expert level. Now without making this article over three billion pages long, there are a few notable mentions for the Zelda groups and individual cosplayers; the Sonic entourage, various World of Warcraft characters, two fantastic dragons from DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon, Pokemon characters, Sailor Moon, Trinity Blood, One Piece, Digimon group (which probably suit the name Digi-hip more), Red Dead Redemption, Game of Thrones, Guilty Crown, the Aperature group (who did not lie and came with cake!), Final Fantasy groups (and a notable mention to Monty Oum’s Dead Fantasy crossover), Resident Evil, .hack, Soul Caliber, Star Craft, God of War and a catfight between Madonna and Lady GaGa.

The expert level entries were fabulous and definitely “Wow’d” the crowd. After the judges had made their decision the winners were brought onto the stage for a final send off. The judges had also categorised their favourite entrants as well as deciding the winner. The categories and congratulations go as follows:

Most Charismatic Stage Presence: John Marsden













Best Group: Gears of War Group













Best Performance: Madonna and Lady GaGa













Best Parade: Commander Shepard













Best Expert Level Entry: Trinity Blood – Queen Esther













Euro Cosplayer Winner:

The Five Star Stories – Falk U. Rogner













Keep an eye on MCM Buzz as we get the photos uploaded by our professional photographer Vikki Luff, so you can get those fantastic images tagged and downloaded. Because no matter who went through, it was clear that we as a nation will most likely win again, with all starting entrants having been able to produce such fantastically crafted, beautifully made and lovingly displayed costumes!

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