Halo 4 Gameplay at E3

Well since its announcement, there have been a LOT of views about Halo 4. A mixed response to say the least as some of the views praise Halo 4 for its greatly improved visual beauty and updated game play, while some of those still condemn 343 Industries for dragging out the universe which Bungie so lovingly created.

A rather cryptic trailer last year gave more questions than answers, but not in the “I want to be left guessing” sense, more a “What on earth was that supposed to be?” kind of way. This year the Microsoft Press Conference shed light on a lot of the areas of Halo 4’s story.

In a fantastic amalgamation of live action, fully rendered CGI and game play combat, the trailer below displays what 343 have been developing, on story and on top of the current fast action fighting found in all Halo games.

In my eyes the story is beginning to make more sense, the plot thickens in a new direction which peaks interest and I get to ‘pop’ Grunt methane tanks with satisfying precision aiming. I still don’t get how a man in cryo-sleep drifting on a wreckage can have his armour upgraded to technology not available at at the time of shipwreck. However, a thin sliver of hope dangles as 343 slowly reveal more and more about how the Chief and Cortana have come to where they are now, and as to whether or not Cortana will still be alive by the end of her ordeal.

Halo 4 will be released on the Xbox 360 on November 6th 2012.

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