What if Brentalfloss’ Bits Of Me ….. Had a Review, Preview and Interview?

For all of you brentalfloss fans, today is the day. Those of you who pre-ordered the album are starting to receive digital download codes, physical copies are in the post and the wait is finally over. The big question though is whether you will be happy with what you hear. Is this the album you’ve been waiting for?

Before you read this review, I would suggest reading our preview of the album for a detailed look at the tracks This Is The Album You’ve Been Waiting For, Star Fox: Space Oddity, Meet Me In The Dungeon, Dear (Zelda 1 Ending Credits), Castlevania II With Lyrics and Baby Mario & Papa Yoshi here. We also had the opportunity to interview Brent a little while back, so if you’re interested you can read that here.

As I said in my preview, the album gets off to a hugely confident start with the track This Is The Album You’ve Been Waiting For and if you take only one thing from this review make sure it is that this album definitely lives up to the hype built in that opening track. A very apt starting song, given the difficulty getting pre-orders sorted and the anticipation built by that, the track is a self referential and very intelligently written non-video game track which, with its Freddie Mercury meets Elton John sound and grand promises about the album’s quality, sets up the album perfectly. The opening promises huge things and I am glad to say the rest of the album does not disappoint.

The bulk of the album, fourteen of the eighteen tracks, are tracks that exist on Brent’s YouTube already. I know that many of you might be wondering, “If I can hear these songs on YouTube, why would I pay for this album?” and there is a very good answer to that. Without getting into the new original tracks, the quality of the existing songs are in a completely different league to his YouTube tracks. The vocals and music have been redone and the increase in quality is amazing. You can’t quite understand it until you hear it. Take for example the album version of Star Fox: Space Oddity which can be heard below. The audio is crisp and crystal clear, with an entirely new level of polish that makes the original track pale in comparison.

The album is brilliantly paced too. After the initial track, the album spends some time going through some of Brent’s classic tracks and showing the sheer variety of work he has created. No two tracks sound the same and the songs are ordered in a way that takes you on a very cohesive and flowing journey. Towards the end we come across the album’s new tracks, but they are not too bunched together. You always get a classic track or two between each new track. If you want a detailed rundown of the CD’s new tracks, most of those can be found in our preview here.

The only original track on the album which I didn’t get to hear when previously writing my preview was Introspective Man In Blue, which I will go into a little more detail about here. It is an instrumental track, the opening track from Mega Man 2, and it is superb. There is nothing too crazy here, but the track shines in its pure polish and superb arrangement. You can tell how big a Mega Man fan Brent is listening to it as the emotional connection to the game can be heard in every note. It’s short, simple, but beautiful.

Also, I feel the last track needs its own mention. The album ends with Classic Ending Credits With Lyrics, and the ending is just as strong as the start. The choice of ending the album with a game’s ending theme was a great move, and the track perfectly wraps up the album. The first and last track frame the album perfectly, and I can’t imagine a better way to open or close an album. If we get a third brentalfloss CD in the future he will have his work cut out for him trying to outdo this one.

Having now heard the whole album from start to finish, it is clear that this IS the album you’ve been waiting for. If you are a fan of Brent‘s previous work then you already know what to expect for the most part, just know that it is Brent doing his best work and it sounds fantastic. If you haven’t heard him before, expect to go in and hear a fantastically confident and varied album that has everything from big band to classic rock, bluegrass to heavy metal and even some simple solo piano work. The album often references video games, but it doesn’t force them down your throat. Several of the album’s tracks are strong tracks even if you don’t know the source material and the album just comes off as fun and light hearted.

Bear in mind there is some profanity in the album, as with several of Brent‘s songs. It is never aggressive, always in the spirit of humour and light heartedness, but some tracks are not suitable for younger listeners.

In closing, if you are an existing fan you need to get this album right away and if not go listen to a few of his songs. If you enjoy them even a little you just need to go in knowing this is more of his music, but put through some kind of amazing music polishing device.

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