Play Fix-It Felix Jr. from Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph!

Following on from the trailer released last week, the fictional Fix-It Felix Jr. game from Disney’s upcoming Wreck-It Ralph has become an actual flash game to play online on the film’s official site.

With its 1980’s Donkey Kong inspired look and game play the surprise is that it’s quite addictive, to the point where you could end up wasting a few hours away here. You control Felix, who has to fix the broken windows on a tall building (I’ll leave aside how Felix is able to fix windows with his hammer). All the while you have to avoid Ralph throwing bricks, and birds flying across the screen. As you ascend further, the bricks fall faster and there are more birds to avoid. 

I’m not sure if anything special happens should you complete the game (or if there is an actual end). I could only manage a high score of 39900. Maybe a better player than me can work it out and leave a comment. As a possible in-joke the title screen tells us that Tobikomi developed the game in 1982.

The film itself tells of Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly), the villain in his own arcade game who is tired of having done the same routine for thirty years. Feeling that he’s had enough of playing the bad guy, he abandons his own game and jumps into others to prove that he can be a hero.

The marketing is a slice of genius and makes me wonder what else is in store on the run up to its release, given that Wreck-It Ralph doesn’t open in the US till November 2nd. Here in the UK, we have to wait till February 15th 2013.

Source: Disney

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