HMV Stop selling Hitman Absolution!

It would appear that retailer HMV has whacked forthcoming Square Enix title, Hitman Absolution from its stores and website. This news came to light earlier on today when a member of the MCM Buzz team attempted to pre-order a copy of the title at their local Bournemouth branch and was told by a member of staff that they were told on Friday night to remove all material relating to the title from the shop shelves.  The staff member also confirmed that they also told to no longer accept pre-orders for the title and as yet they have no reason  as to why they have to do this.

A search of the HMV website also seems to confirm this with the title no longer being listed on the company’s website and all links to it from Google now re-direct to the websites homepage. Interestingly there also is no news also on whether the firm will still be honouring existing pre-orders of the Agent 47 lead title.

With this story in its infancy and HMV yet to confirm anything on it we will keep you updated as it develops. 

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