Warframe Beta

Digital Extremes are in a busy period it seems, having just finished with The Darkness II they have a new Star Trek game on the horizon, and this month sees the 14 year anniversary to Unreal.

On top of all this they have announced a new free to play game called WARFRAME. Yes it’s supposed to come in capitals. They released the video to IGN and have set up the website for registration. Details of which will be below. Launching as a CO-OP focused shooter WARFRAME has all those tell tale signs of fast action mayhem, with all the bright and shiny graphics of the modern day. Digital Extremes have aimed to create a mash-up of manga, eastern philosophy and Roman mythology.

The trailer below definitely sets the taste buds to tease and gives us an idea what to expect, but the only real way to find out is to sign up for the beta which will be available soon.

Customisation is set to be the key to this game and will offer not only ‘different classes’ but characters which are unique and will each react differently to how you have customised them.

Customisation is also not something to bust the bank. Unlike most free to play games which require life savings for the best gear, raiding dungeons with friends will reward players with the shiniest loot to gain that extra edge. Of course certain things can be purchased but Digital Extreme is asking more for support than actual blood money.

Sign up for the beta on the website and not only will you have access for the late summer, but also an exclusive beta weapon for when the game aims to launch in early next year. Oh and as an F.Y.I. “MCMBuzzLiam” is taken, so you know who to aim for!

Register your player name at: www.playwarframe.com

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