Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes announced

The Metal Gear Solid 25th anniversary event held in Tokyo has heralded a great new announcement! Time to get out of the cardboard box people a new Metal Gear is on the way! Titled as Metal Gear Solid:  Ground Zeroes, Hideo Kojima reveals the return to Solid Snake.

 The announcement was made by Kojima himself although there is currently a blanket worldwide hold on information. As such only what has been reported by attendees and what tweets made it past the Genome soldiers; can elaborate any information on what we can expect from the new instalment.

 What has been confirmed so far is that Snake will be making his return into an open world environment. Being able to call upon vehicles to get around, the game’s demo appeared to be set around a fortified location at night in thunderous rain. The game will definitely be running on Konami’s new ‘Fox Engine’ something which for now is only demo’d on high end PC’s. So from this alone we can surmise that Snake will be hiding in the room with all the other next gen consoles.

 It goes without saying that it won’t be long before the official announcement is made complete with footage and screens of the very secretive demo. Konami have definitely held true to the ethos of the Tactical espionage series by keeping this very quiet and under the patch.

Sadly there is no confirmation as to just which Snake will be making his comeback; we can guess that being announced at the anniversary event along with the title ‘Ground Zeroes’ will see us slip on Big boss slippers when he was just plain ol’ snake and be set rather early on in the timeline. But in saying that, this could also see the original Solid Snake make his legendary status before the events of ‘Outer Heaven’.

It’s reassuring to know that Kojima hasn’t left the franchise to the new ‘lightening action’ of Metal Gear: Revengerence, and that we can still enjoy some classic sneaky Snake. So for further information, keep a ‘Solid eye’ on you hear me Snake? Snake? Snaaaaaaake!


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