Future Publishing to close Nintendo Gamer Magazine

Nintendo Gamer Magazine has gone under many names since its first issue came out 20 years ago: Super Play, N64 Magazine, NGC Magazine, NGamer and (of course) Nintendo Gamer. But next week, the very final issue will be released in newsagents and to subscribers around the country.

Perhaps due to the gradual decline of printed media sales, Future Publishing has decided to shut down one of its most beloved magazines. Nintendo Gamer was the only completely unofficial video gaming magazine focusing entirely on Nintendo consoles. With its in-depth previews of upcoming games, unbiased and informed reviews, enthusiastic fan interaction and hilarious features, it has been close to the hearts of many Nintendo fans throughout the past two decades. I myself started reading early last year and have picked a copy up anytime I could. But now we must say goodbye to Ninja Cat and ‘Mon of the Month’ forever (this month it’s Psyduck).

The magazine’s writers will be relocated to various other gaming magazines around Future, with Games Editor Matthew Castle becoming Associate Editor of the Official Nintendo Magazine. Nintendo Gamer is not completely gone however. The website, nintendo-gamer.net, will continue to operate, with new Online Editor, Chris Scullion, updating it with news and wonderful comedic features almost every day. Farewell Nintendo Gamer. I hope this overly-sentimental article can go some way to paying tribute to your marvel. Remember, you can pick up the final issue when it hits newsagents next week from September 6th.

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