Red Dwarf X Air Date Revealed

In a move that caught many Red Dwarf fans off guard, UK TV channel Dave announced earlier this year that they would be bringing us a new series of Red Dwarf by the end of 2012. After lots of speculation, the wait for news is finally over and we have a UK air date for the first episode of the new series, Red Dwarf X.

Rather than just telling us the date, Dave decided to use a rather unique marketing method to get the message out to fans.

The idea was simple. Get fans to tweet “GO #VINDALUNAR”. Each tweet adds a little helium to a weather balloon carrying a Vindaloo curry and a can of Lager. When the balloon takes off and heads toward space, the date on the balloon would be visible. Obviously not the conventional method of revealing a date but it was certainly effective at catching peoples attention.

By heading here, you can watch the balloon on its amazing journey upwards, until it bursts and its contents return to Earth. I really do feel sorry for anyone who may have been unexpectedly injured by falling curry.

The series will start airing in the UK on October 4th. While a US date has not yet been discussed, the show’s writer and co-creator Doug Naylor claims that feedback from journalists on the new episode “has been fantastic” so I’m sure it won’t be long before we get some information for the US.

Dave are currently re-showing all the previous Red Dwarf episodes, in reverse order beginning with the “Back To Earth” special, then series eight, seven, six and so on.

Do you have high hopes for this new series? What are you expecting to see? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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