Keith Lemon: The Film Review or Carry on Squeezing – until dry

Keith Lemon

Directed by Paul Angunawela

Starring Leigh Francis, Kelly Brook, Verne Troyer

Leigh Francis has created some legendary comic characters; who can forget Avid Merrion, Craaaaaaig David, Mel B and of course Celebrity Juice’s Keith Lemon. However whereas Lemon works on the small screen as a quiz show host he struggles with a 90-minute film focusing on just him.

The film follows the rags to riches and back again story of small time businessman Keith Lemon (Francis). Lemon is out on his luck after accidentlly purchasing one million security posts from a psychotic gangster (also played by Francis in heavy prosthetics). He then meets Kushvinder (Harish Patel) the inventor of the first smart phone at a London convention. Kushvinder has had no luck with his phone so he gives all his stock to Lemon. Lemon later gets mugged and is sent by his new phone to a ‘fixer’ Archimedes played by Verne Troyer, who sets out to solve all of Lemon’s problems. The next hour is full of crude humour, the Hoff, Kelly Brook selling her soul, Lemon’s girlfriend being kidnapped, Lemon becoming a huge worldwide success with the ‘Lemon Phone’, Kevin Bishop acting like a fool and lots of willy and booby jokes.

All in all Francis fails to impress and the movie ends up feeling like a badly written Austin Powers rip-off. Francis tries his hardest but he seems somewhat lost on the big screen and just looks like he doesn’t know what he is doing. Kelly Brook on the other hand does too much, she tries too hard at the ‘gold-digger’ role and you end up feeling a little bit embarrassed for her. Supporting roles from Troyer and Bishop are solid and it’s good to see Bishop in another big screen feature following on from A Few Best Men.

There are also plenty of cameos from well-known celebs such as Gary Barlow, Ronan Keating, Chris Moyles, the Hoff, Peter Andre and many more, however it ends up becoming a tedious game of ‘spot the celeb’.

Gary Barlow meets Keith LemonOver the years TV to big screen comedies have rarely worked; the 1970’s saw a plague of them hitting cinemas with Steptoe and Son, Rising Damp, Porridge and Bless this House to name but a few. Then came Kevin and Perry Go Large in 2001, which was a box office success but was critically panned. Last year we saw the release of The Inbetweeners Movie that again had success at the box office but struggled to stretch its one-dimensional characters to a feature length release. Unfortunately the same can be said for Keith Lemon: The Film.

Lemon could possibly be enjoyed by fans of Bo Selecta and Celebrity Juice, but I’m doubtful.

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