Why UK will miss out on Joss Whedon commentary for Avengers Assemble

A tweet from Empire magazine revealed why UK residents will be missing out on the director’s commentary for the Avengers Assemble DVD/Blu-Ray. Disney told them that Joss Whedon simply recorded it too late to be included and they didn’t want to push back the release.

Joss Whedon is understandably a rather busy man at the moment but is a little forward planning too much to ask? And this isn’t the only thing us in the UK have had to miss out on.

If you were hoping for a digital copy of the film then you’ll be disappointed. It’s only available on the full fat 3D all-disc version in the US. That version also includes a digital copy of the film’s soundtrack, another extra we will be missing out on.

The US are even going to be treated to a fancy 10-disc special edition with new artwork and a “top secret bonus disc”. Due to a trademark lawsuit by luggage company Rimowa, it will no longer come in a replica briefcase. But there’s little doubt that a “Phase 1” gift set of some description will still be available to them. We have to settle for a rather ordinary 6-disc edition.

It’s understandable that people in the UK are starting to feel like second best. We may have had the film open in cineams a week before it was released in the US, but we also missed out on that famous shawarma scene.

Is a little equality too much to ask? And a bit more simplicity wouldn’t hurt either. How many people will cancel their Amazon pre-orders when they find out that the exclusive 90-minute documentary is only available at Sainsbury’s?

It’s getting harder and harder to just go out and buy a film. And in a time where it’s so easy to know what’s happening across the pond, it’s just ridiculous that every country doesn’t get the same treatment.

Source: Twitter

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