“A Brave New World…” An Introduction to Primeval: New World


With the new TV Season soon beginning in America (September has come so quickly this year O_o), I’m going be taking a look at one of this year’s new shows, which is a North American spin-off to an original British sci-fi show. This is “A Brave New World” – An Introduction to Primeval: New World





*Warning:  This article does contain spoilers for Primeval, as well as some minor spoilers for Primeval: New World in regards to character backstory – you have been warned…* 


Evolution ‘Primeval’ Style: The Road to New World

With a series 6 of Primeval looking to be ever more unlikely, Primeval fans (or ARCadians) were – quite understandably in some cases – apprehensive when a spin-off to their beloved show was announced earlier this year.

After all, following series 3 of the British show, fans were left in doubt as to whether or not they would ever see their beloved show on screen again, as production costs soared due to the CGI and special effects used in the dinosaur drama. However, both fans and show runners were given a reprieve when a deal was made between terrestrial channel ITV, satellite broadcaster Watch, BBC Worldwide and German broadcaster ProSieban, to share the production costs and broadcasting rights, and thus we were given a fourth and fifth season (in Germany both seasons were combined to become a season 4) that was broadcast on ITV and Watch in the UK.

But now, it seems that – like Darwin’s theories on evolution – Primeval is also starting to evolve on a whole new level and the result of this: Primeval: New World. Set in the backdrop of Vancouver, British Columbia, Primeval: New World can be seen as a parallel show to the original, as much as it can be considered a reboot.

It is important to note here that while Primeval was a pre-watershed show, Primeval: New World is a much darker post watershed series, and I think it would work beautifully in that regard. Primeval did initially begin as a family drama, but some of the storylines that were broached over the years (particularly in the later seasons such as 4 and 5) could have worked just as well post-watershed and it would have been interesting to see a much darker evolution to the show, which is what we will be getting in Primeval: New World.

The new show itself, is set roughly post-series 5 of Primeval, following the events of the British show’s two-part season finale which saw Anomalies (rips in time that can take you to other era’s both past – and on the rare occasion – future) opening up across the globe simultaneously in an event known as “Convergence”.

Primeval Season 4/5 Team [left to right]:
Ben Mansfield, Ruth Kearney, Hannah Spearritt, Andrew Lee Potts, Ciaran McMenamin

In the Primeval season finale, the ARC team consisting of Matt Anderson (Ciaran McMenamin), Captain Becker (Ben Mansfield), Connor Temple (Andrew Lee Potts), Abby Maitland (Hannah Spearritt), Emily Merchant (Ruth Bradley), Jess Parker (Ruth Kearney), and James Lester (Ben Miller), found themselves pitted against the billionaire scientist, Philip Burton (Alexander Siddig), who hoped to harness the power of the anomalies during the convergence event in the hopes of finding a sustainable power source that was environmentally friendly, and could sustain itself indefinitely. However, Burton’s project to create a man made anomaly, known as Project: New Dawn, had a terrible consequence, as the New Dawn Anomaly devastated the earth of the future, making it uninhabitable and leaving humanity to die in its barren ruins.

“This is what New Dawn did to the Earth.. [it] turned it into Hell..” – Matt Anderson, Primeval 5×06

The team managed to stop New Dawn – which involved Connor being pulled through the New Dawn Anomaly… Matt and Abby going after him and finding themselves in Matt’s home time (the barren future created by New Dawn)… Burton, upon seeing the error of his ways with some help from Connor and Matt, blowing up Prospero in the hopes of stopping his own creation (which didn’t work as the New Dawn Anomaly had reached self sufficiency)… Future Predators in the Anomaly Research Centre… Matt driving Connor’s small prototype anomaly for New Dawn into its larger counterpart which caused the two anomaly’s to disappear and Matt returning seemingly unscathed by the whole thing. And did I also mention that a second Matt appeared in the closing scene warning his counterpart that he had to “go back”? But the finale left us with as many questions as there were answers, as you can probably imagine if you understood any of that quick summary of what was a pretty intense and action-filled finale.

And so we arrive at the origin point of Primeval: New World.

The world is now aware that Anomalies exist following convergence, and a new team is set up in Canada to deal with the incursions brought about by the phenomenon that has given us a look at some amazing creatures over the past six years (including Rex the Coelurosauravus, Sid and Nancy the lovable Diictodon, a breathtaking Columbian Mammoth, as well as the terrifying Future Predators) and which has yet to reveal all its secrets…

SPACE Promo for ‘Primeval: New World’.
Niall Matter as ‘Evan Cross’ & Sara Canning as ‘Dylan Weir’

Welcome to the ‘TANK’…

With a new show, comes a new team, and Primeval: New World is no different.

Of the original Primeval cast, Andrew Lee Potts (who plays Connor Temple) is the only original cast member to have been officially announced as appearing in the first season of this brand new spin-off so far. But like shows such as Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis have proven over the years, characters have been known to pop in-and-out of shows when the storyline calls for it, so we may yet see other members of the ARC heading of to Vancouver to help their canadian counterparts.

In terms of New World casting, the acting talent has been taken from across the board. From Niall Matter (Eureka) to Sara Canning (The Vampire Diaries), the new Anomaly team looks just as bad-ass as their British counterparts…

Niall Matter plays ‘Evan Cross’ –
The New Team Leader


Sara Canning Plays ‘Dylan Weir’ –
Predatory Expert


Danny Rahim plays ‘Mac Rendell’ –
Head of TANK Security… to begin with…


Crystal Lowe plays ‘Toby Nance’ –
All around Tom Boy and Protege of Evan Cross


Geoff Gustafon plays ‘Lt. Ken Leeds’ –
The TANK’s equivalent to the ARC’s James Lester… sort of…


Miranda Frigon plays ‘Ange Finch’ –
CFO of Cross Photonics, a company built up by herself and Evan Cross. Also handle’s the ‘Hiring’ and ‘Firing’.


Andrew Lee Potts plays ‘Connor Temple’ –
The Computer Geek and Science Whizz of the A.R.C who needs to retrieve something he lost…

And of course, where would an Anomaly team be without their base of operations?

Introducing The TANK, the sister base of the A.R.C. Now while the A.R.C. looks every bit like a military base, from the pictures below, the TANK looks more informal, with Evan’s office looking similar to another Professor’s (Nick Cutter played by Douglas Henshall) office from the first series of Primeval and is also reminiscent of the HUB from Torchwood now that I think about it…


Behind ‘New World’: The people behind the camera

Now if the cast and new base isn’t enough, you have yet to meet the people who are working behind the camera – a top-notch crew of directors and producers!

Let’s have a look at a couple of  members of the Primeval: New World crew, who you might just be familiar with… 

You know him from the Stargate and Sanctuary franchise, but now director Martin Wood is taking on a whole new challenge as he becomes an executive producer on Primeval: New World, along with Primeval show runner, Tim Haines, and fellow Sanctuary producer, Gillian Horvath.

From some of the ‘Behind the Scenes’ images being released, Martin is the director of at least two episodes in the first half of the season – including the show’s pilot episode.



She played Samantha Carter for over a decade on our screens on both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis, but now actress and director Amanda Tapping is joining several of her Stargate and Sanctuary family members (including Andy Mikita and Mike Rohl) in directing several episodes of Primeval: New World.

This image shows Amanda directing a scene from Episode 6 of the season, but she has been linked with Episode 8 also.



“I think I hear the Anomaly Alert…”: Thoughts and release dates

So… after putting all this together, I think I’m looking forward to Primeval: New World a lot more! I mean, you have an amazing cast, some brilliant directors and producers. An amazing group of special effects and visual effects artists (courtesy of Omni Post and Atmosphere). And, it still sticks close to its sister show in regards to Anomalies and creatures from different time periods, while still being able to be a separate entity due to the pre-watershed restrictions being lifted from it.

So far, 10 episodes of the 13 episode bill have been filmed and there has been no official release date as to when the show will hit screens. Late October is said to be when the show airs, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do when the show is officially announced.

The channels that have broadcasting rights for New World (so far) are: Space (Canada) and Watch (United Kingdom).

And finally, before I sign off and drop off into an Anomaly myself… a little image teaser collection from the pilot episode (courtesy of the official Facebook Page for Primeval: New World) – nothing spoilery, I promise :).


This is Nance, signing off… peace :).

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