“Chronicle” writer Max Landis to pen new TV show “Vigilant”, other projects announced

Max Landis is a busy person. The young hotshot screenwriter who wrote the brilliant teens-with-mysterious-powers movie Chronicle and writer/director of star-studded comic-book deconstruction The Death and Return of Superman has recently been talking about a few of his upcoming projects.

First off, the young screenwriter recently spoke on a panel at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, where he dispensed comments on a few of his other interesting projects including a sequel to Chronicle, a version of Frankenstein told from Igor’s perspective (Landis explains that the general idea of Igor has become a construction synthesised throughout derivative Frankenstein media and is thus the hook of his version) and revealing that his secret project for Disney is writing the screenplay based on the Space Mountain ride (hey, if it worked for Pirates of the Caribbean it could certainly work here)

But the bigger news comes with a brand-new project announcement detailing a TV show being sold called Vigilant, which Landis will be writing. The project is described by Deadline as, “told through the unlikely POV of a brilliant 20-year old woman who is also a social outcast. After an honourable veteran detective is brutally coerced into working for the corrupt head of Internal Affairs, the detective’s daughter plans her revenge by meticulously constructing a fictional vigilante persona to take on the criminal elements within the police department and the city.”

Despite a lot of initial buzz on Vigilant describing the concept as a “superhero” origin story/series, Landis himself has taken to the Twittersphere to say that he disagrees with this direction taken on the report, going into a discussion about how it’s really a different sort of show than a superhero tale. It mirrors a lot of the misconceptions Landis’ previous work Chronicle was given. In that case it was much less a Cloverfield superhero tale as it was a Carrie-style story in the found-footage style.

Regardless of how the show is being described, it will certainly be a very interesting project. With Landis having already proven himself a very talented and productive writer, and with the show being the fourth sold by producer Howard Gordon (Homeland), Vigilant is shaping up to become a very promising future production.

Some of Landis’ own tweets on the subject as well as the trailer for his screenwriting debut Chronicle are below.

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