New Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance trailer

The Tokyo Game Show has yet another Konami treat this year as we get to see a new trailer for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. After the MGS: Ground Zeros announcement, it’s easy to see how the Raiden spin-off game could be completely overshadowed but from the trailer below I feel many will agree that there’s such a different direction for gameplay and style; comparison will become near impossible and therefore Revengeance will have more than a fighting chance to make a name for itself. So far the game has had a rocky ‘here there and everywhere’ situation regarding its development story and even partly with gameplay mechanics, so it’s nice to see some solid concrete development which isn’t under the same threat of a drastic change.

The new trailer definitely delivers on giving you a taste of what to expect, and for those who haven’t been following the story so far; you may be exclaiming “Hey! This isn’t a Metal Gear game!” Well you’re right in the sense that the Tactical Espionage has definitely left the genre and while Konami are indeed still producing the title, Hideo Kojima has firmly stated that he is not directing this instalment in the franchise. That job has been passed to experienced team PlatinumGames; over the top action, Cyborg packed, gore full developers who have brought us the likes of Bayonetta, Vanquish and Mad World. This is where Revengeance will come into its true form as Raiden is pushed down the action-intense corridor, leaving the ‘Ninja’ in ‘Cyborg Ninja’ somewhere back in a cardboard box.

One aspect that has stayed true throughout the development is the incredibly detailed cutting system allowing you to slice at any given angle. This is a feature that excites me greatly and you can see the precision in the video below.

So from this new trailer we also get an idea of who to expect on the sharp end of our protagonists ‘high frequency’ blade. The list of enemies fits the rather familiar ‘bad guy group of 4-6 specialists under codename’ etc… That definitely feels like something I’d see in a Metal Gear game, but this title has brought a lot more of the Japanese culture to the fore than we’ve previously seen. When you explain to someone that Metal Gear is a giant robot which individual soldiers drive, while main characters have evil twins and there’s a scientist who loves anime, it’s always been apparent that the franchise was never of western origin and now the game has gone that final step by turning everyone into Samurai.

Despite my initial dislike to such a drastic change of pace for a much loved franchise which is in its 25th year, Revengeance is shaping up as something on my must have list. The gameplay is smooth and transitions nicely, the action is intense but there’s never too much going on to distract the play and best of all; I think we all recognise that Metal Bulk bipedal looking machine at the end!

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance launches this year on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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