New Trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Released

A new trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was released this Wednesday (18th September). The very first thing that you should do is watch it and then maybe watch it again, for it is a thing of beauty. When you’re done with that, below are a few impressions gleaned from those two and a half minutes of concentrated awesomeness.

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While the first trailer introduced the collection of dwarves that form the majority of the main cast, this trailer goes further into Thorin Oakenshield’s quest to retake his home: Erebor. The eclectic group of personalities that have been thrown together and scenes that recall both the Mines of Moria and the Misty Mountains suggests that this instalment at least will have the same kind of dynamic as The Fellowship of the Ring. However, the dwarves make up a group with a single origin and purpose, so it is yet to be seen if they will be able to bounce off each other quite as well as the Fellowship did. After all, the intense rivalry and eventual friendship between Legolas and Gimli provided some of the best banter in The Lord Of The Rings.

As far as characters returning from The Lord Of The Rings trilogy are concerned, the major new face is Hugo Weaving’s Elrond. The Lord of Rivendell is featured in much the same manner as he was in Fellowship’s Council of Rivendell: a voice of reason who tries to moderate the somewhat foolhardy Thorin. While Gollum has been teased before, the new trailer includes a few more extensive clips of his meeting with Bilbo, demonstrating that Andy Serkis is still capable of that child-like, malicious presence that Gollum had throughout the original trilogy. These clips also show that Bilbo will be a very different protagonist to Frodo; without the weight of The Ring on his shoulders he seems to be capable of taking the little things like being swept up in adventure or faced with the threat of being eaten alive in his stride.

All in all, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is looking absolutely fantastic as its December 14th release date draws ever closer. Also, on a somewhat less serious note, OMG cutest CG hedgehogs ever!


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