Tolkien Week Retrospective

Last week was a special week for Tolkien fans, not just because of the release of the second trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, but because it was Tolkien week! This is celebrated annually in the week that contains Hobbit Day: September 22nd, the day of both Frodo and Bilbo Baggins’ birthdays. This year’s Hobbit Day was particularly special as it marked 75 years since The Hobbit’s publication.

Firstly, there were official presents to the Tolkien fandom from Peter Jackson and Warner Bros. Entertainment. Of course there was the aforementioned trailer, but the week also saw the release of the beautiful poster that adorns this article, featuring Martin Freeman as Bilbo clutching Sting (not the singer, unfortunately) to his chest.

There was also a selection of unofficial celebrations; hosted an online festival on Hobbit Day itself with a selection of Q&As, livecasts and readings from The Hobbit which will hopefully be uploaded to their site within the next week or two. Back in the physical world there was a celebration at the British Library with a number of esteemed guests such as David Brawn, Tolkein’s publisher. The event was hosted by Jane Johnson, the author of The Lord of the Rings: The Complete Visual Companion and was just one of dozens of events across the globe.

So, what if you missed out on the festivities? My advice is that the best way to go forwards from here is to get out your Lord of the Rings box sets, get some friends round and maybe even cook up a few genuine hobbit recipes straight from the offical site for the upcoming film. Then sit back and have yourself a nice little movie marathon. After all, there’s nothing wrong with watching the trilogy one more time before The Hobbit trilogy starts, right?

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