David Lloyd Shows His Hand As Aces Weekly Goes Live


The close of September, saw the launch of Aces Weekly, an exclusively digital, comic art magazine published by David Lloyd, who is best known for his masterful work as co-creator and artist of the iconic classic that is V for Vendetta. Each and every issue will have three landscape pages from six teams of contributors which include some of the biggest names in comics, all of whom have the freedom to tell almost any story that they choose to, with complete ownership of their creation assured. Not only is Aces Weekly jam packed with top notch content, but subscribers will also be treated to a bucket load of extras, which include artist sketches, scripts, character designs and so much more.  

Ace’s Weekly is available exclusively via on-line subscription and will be released as seven weekly issues that will form a volume, and all for just £6.99, which you don’t need me to tell you is an absolute bargain.

With the magazine ready to launch, I was lucky enough to catch up with Mr David Lloyd, who was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions about Aces Weekly.

NICK: Can you tell us a little bit about Aces Weekly?

DAVID: Exclusively digital, but regular great comics – none of that tricksy stuff – but landscape to fit natural ratio of tablet/computer screens. Not for collection later so not preview. You want this stuff by all this top talent, you subscribe to get one issue every week of six serial stories and shorts of up to 30 pages accessed through the website. A run of seven only costs you £6.99.
NICK: What is the origin story behind Aces Weekly?
DAVID: Well I’d wanted to do an online comic art anthology for a while but planned only to use another platform for it. Talking to my collaborating colleague – Bambos Georgiou, who’s the managing editor – about it, the idea of having our own and our identity was better. Then it was a matter of asking folks who knew and trusted me to take a punt… and they did. They all get to do exactly what they want within certain limits, and that’s not something most other publishers offer. Income comes from subscriptions so I hope we get a lot of support!
NICK: I believe that you are going to have a wealth of contributors on board for Aces Weekly. Could you give us a hint at some of those names and what they may be doing?
DAVID: Steve Bissette is going to do a new story of his ‘Tyrant‘, Herb Trimpe is doing ‘Firehawks’ which is about his great passion – airplanes! Kev Hopgood and Ferg Handley are doing Legion Zero; Kev loves drawing Roman soldiers. It’s love that makes great work you know! We also have David Hine, Shakey Kane, John Mcrea, Henry Flint, James Hudnall, Carl Critchlow and so many more

NICK: Valley Of Shadows is your and Dave Jackson’s creation, can you tell us a little about this story?
DAVID: It’s about a security guard who’s just living from one day to the next after disappointing, and being disappointed. He becomes an accidental hero saving a little girl from killers and ends up on the run with her through a bleak future California where the sun rarely shines. It’s just done in b/w wash because I love that medium and it gives lots of freedom and energy.

NICK: Although Aces Weekly is exclusive to the digital market, can you see a time where you might take it to print, either weekly, as collected volumes or as collections of each of the individual stories?
DAVID: No. Why? We want folks to SUBSCRIBE – why would they if they know it’ll be out as collection in six months. We ask all creators to stick with us for two years – then they can take it away and do what they like. But this is a trust thing – we have no ties on them. We just hope that for the sake of the viability of the concept and their fellow creators they’ll stick with it. No reason why ANY of what we do should go to print if folks are happy with the income they’re getting from its online presence. It’s all on sale all the time and will be consigned to back issue bins, never be out of print… 🙂
NICK: Like other comics, will there be an interaction page where readers can write in and such?
DAVID: Yeah, we’re setting up a blog – Jim Hudnall, one of our contributors – is doing that for us. Also creators will have their own pages on the site with links to their sites. And we have our Facebook page too of course.


Volume One features five serials, which will appear as three pages episodes:

Return Of The Human by JC Vaughan and Mark Wheatley. A thousand years after humanity abandoned the poisoned Earth to build an empire across the stars, one man returns. Lance McCoy finds the Mother Planet is more than anyone suspected. But will it be enough to save his Galactic Civilization from a relentless attack that seems designed to exterminate mankind?

Progenitor by John McCrea and Phil Hester. When a futuristic starship crashes on the surface of a primordial world, the marooned crew must battle not only ferocious prehistoric monsters to survive, but the deadly and mysterious cargo they once carried, now loose on the savage planet.

This pic from PROGENITOR copyright 2012 Phil Hester & John McCrea

Paradise Mechanism by David Hitchcock and Kerry Hitchcock. In a perfect 13th century society split abruptly by forces of evil, war is waged to restore balance in the world before the darkness contaminates all of time.

Shoot The Moon by Alain Mauricet and Alex Tefenkgi. Competition and bitter rivalry blight the relationship between two friends. Both astronauts, each one is as eager as the other to be the first to set foot on the moon.

Valley of Shadows by David Lloyd and Dave Jackson. Set in a future California where the sun now rarely shines, a dissolute security guard becomes an accidental hero saving a little girl from kidnapper’s intent on using her blood and bone to save the life of a magnate’s dying son.

Aces Weekly can be found at www.acesweekly.co.uk as well as www.facebook.com/acesweekly.

Or you can follow them at @acesweekly.

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