Imaginaerum Trailer Released

On Tuesday (16th October) a new trailer was released for Imaginaerum; the upcoming fantasy movie inspired by the recent album of the same name by Finnish symphonic metal legends Nightwish. While we have been given a few glimpses behind the scenes by the music video for Storytime, and a tease of the absolutely stunning Tim Burton meets Zack Snyder visuals in a previous trailer, this is the first trailer with a focus on the plot of the film.

The protagonist is Tom, an old composer who suffers from severe dementia. As he falls into a coma, he experiences his memories in a dream-like blur while his daughter Gem seeks to renew the bond she once had with her father. Both of the principal characters are played by a number of different actors as Tom perceives different periods of his life in his unconscious state. Every member of Nightwish is set to appear in the film (tick them off as you watch the trailer if you don’t believe me) as well as appearing on the soundtrack, which is a reimagining of the eponymous album that has been produced by Petri Alanko (who was also responsible for the soundtrack to Alan Wake). Keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen is even more invested in the film than the rest of the band, as not only does he play the major role of a middle aged Tom, but he is also responsible for the central concept, with a recent press release describing the film as a “wild vision” that he had after the band’s previous album.

Imaginaerum will be premiered at a special Nightwish show in Helsinki on 10th November and released throughout Finland on 23rd November. Details of cinematic or home releases in other territories have not been revealed yet, but negotiations for a wider release are ongoing.

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