MCM Buzz Manga Joe and Stuart Save Expo Sneak Preview

The wait is almost over! The upcoming MCM Buzz Manga, Joe and Stuart Save Expo, will soon be ready. Until then we have here for your enjoyment a sneak preview of the first three pages. The Manga is written by Shalimar Sahota, from a story coined by himself and Stuart Claw, with artwork from Sophie Chipchase.

The story concerns Joe ‘Granny Gertrude’ Sutton and Stuart Claw having to deal with a certain threat that takes place during the Friday of London’s October Expo of 2012. To help them combat the kerfuffle they get a little help from a few friends at Tokyotoys – Sumomo and the Pocky Ninja!

But what is this mysterious threat? Is the MCM Expo safe for all attendees? Will Joe and Stuart survive? And can you guess what the Pocky Ninja is wielding?

Part One is expected to arrive right here on MCM Buzz very soon. So if you really want to know what happened on the Friday of the October Expo then stay tuned, but for now below are the first three pages hinting at what is to come!


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