Oishii!Ichigo Live at London’s MCM Expo

The concept of Oishii!Project is nothing less than ambitious. With nine members alone in the core unit, Oishii!Ichigo – four in America, two in Canada and three in the UK – the group are a genuinely expansive team, their style focused and well defined by musical choices and appearance.

Seeing the three UK members of the group – Kelsey, Cherry and Scarlett – perform live on the stage at London’s MCM Expo, it is easy to note the influence of famed electropop producer Yasutaka Nakata, the man most known for his work with acts such as Perfume, capsule and of course, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Writing and performing their own songs, Oishii!Ichigo deliver a sound that is both familiar as well as original; songs that are evocative of their influences without once seeming derivative. During their time on the Totally Cosplay stage, they evoked an unrivalled presence, drawing in a group of supporters and converts.

Primarily performing songs from their recently released debut EP, Gametime, the group carried with them an atmosphere of professional ability and glowing stage presence. Like Perfume, each member of the group seemed perfectly in tune with each other – well practiced and confident with both their singing and dancing. This was no more evident than during the closing performance of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu‘s first single, PonPonPon.

This final addition provided the perfect contrast with the original material performed, underlining just how sophisticated this group are by creating a counterpoint and demonstrating just how talented their skill is. 

It is this that makes it at once easy to compare the group to other acts and difficult; they share a common point of origin, a common set of influences, yet it is clear that Oishii!Ichigo are ambitious, reaching for the next stage of the Net Idol phenomenon and eager to take with them the audience they have been cultivating through their online presence.

Their performance today is the first occasion in which they have played live, something that would not have been evident were this information not related by the group between songs. 

Speaking with the members after their performance, they mentioned that the main aim of the group for the foreseeable future is to unite all the various members from three countries in one single live performance. It is an admirable goal, one that may prove difficult to achieve, yet watching just the three British members of the project performing today I found it hard to doubt their conviction. They are resolute and in being so, a certain respect is demanded.

Exemplifying the popular work ethic of AKB48 idol Minami Takahashi that hard work pays off, Oishii!Ichigo look to be set for a very bright future. They possess a will undoubted and with the support of their audience and as such, it is hard to imagine them failing in their ambition.

Already having garnered mention from Beckii Cruel on Twitter, it seems that the performance witnessed on the Totally Cosplay stage is set to go down as a critical moment in ensuring Oishii!Project get the attention they so deserve.

The future may be far off, but with hard work, this distance is not insurmountable and I for one look forward to seeing a performance by all nine girls united together on one stage. 

The first Oishii!Ichigo mini-album is out and available to purchase through their site.

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