X-Men: Days of Future Past – Matthew Vaughn out and Bryan Singer in?

At a fairly late stage Matthew Vaughn has stepped down as director for X-Men: Days of Future Past. His reasons for leaving haven’t fully been explained, though some seem to think it has something to do with his work on Mark Millar’s Secret Service (that’s his comic book and it’s adaptation, not his own attempt at MI6).

The good news for fans of the original X-Men films, is that Bryan Singer is on the top of Fox’s list of possible replacements. With him already being producer and the film being short on time, Singer seems to be the most likely substitute at this point.

If Bryan Singer does agree then he and Matthew Vaughn will basically be switching roles, as Vaughn will stay on as producer.

If Singer says no however, the studio will have to move quickly. Filming is set to start in Spring 2013 with a release date of July 2014. Not only that but with some of the film’s stars like Micheal Fassbender (Prometheus) and Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games) being picked for other big projects, they will only have their one window of opportunity.

Source: Deadline

Update (30/10/12):

It has now been confirmed that Bryan Singer will indeed be taking over directing duties.

Source: Deadline

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