Tekken Tag Tournament 2 UK Finals – A UK winner has been crowned!

The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 UK Final hit the London MCM Expo on Saturday, bringing together some of the best people who play Namco Bandai’s latest instalment of their hit fighting game franchise, Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2.  

The finals were full of many amazing bouts from a variety of different players who exhibited a range of different play styles. From sheer technical perfection to strategic usage of the game mechanics, even down to the different preferences in using either an arcade stick or a gamepad, the finalists at the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 finals gave it their all and gave the crowd many an exciting match.

From the many that entered the qualifying heats, only eight remained at the London MCM Expo: Asim, Shinjin, Starscream, Bonusjin, -Cristina-, Dinosaur, Ryan Hart and The Phantom.

Each and every one of them brought their all, constantly keeping the commentators on their toes and the audience excited. Whenever there was a perfect round, or a brilliant counter, or spectacular counter, the audience was applauding, cheering and discussing the impressive ability of each of the contenders.

Of course, like Highlander, there can only be one. In a phenomenal final battle, Asim won 2-0 in a best out of three victories against The Phantom. For winning, Asim won £500, a statue and an elaborate piece of Tekken art signed by the Namco Bandai development team that worked on Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

While only just coming second, The Phantom continued to hold a very strong presence that started with his first match in the finals where he both began and finished his battle recreating ninja-esque hand-seals that helped to get him motivated for battle.

Each of the competitors had their own character to them, much like the characters they chose to fight with in the tournament. From their interesting gaming handles to how they controlled their character, they all showed an original DNA and approach to playing that worked well for each of them, some more so than others.

What the tournament did for the audience was show them just how much more technical the game actually is and how much strategy can be employed while playing rather than just button bashing. Blocks were made in time, characters swapped exactly when they wanted to and the sheer beauty of a long juggling combo was explored over and over again. With each linked attack the audience got more and more excited, completely beginning to rapture should a player ever come close to a perfect round.

The tournament was a brilliant experience for competitor and audience members alike. The finalists faced their hardest ever battles pitted against each other while the audience were present for a show performed by eight fighting game maestros.

Congratulations to Asim for raising the ranks and managing to defeat all comers with his team of Miguel and Lars, he showcased such a brilliant technical ability and certainly earned every penny of his prize.

As the UK finals have now drawn to a close, eyes turn towards Paris and the upcoming European finals. Paris is set to pit the best Tekken players across all of Europe against each other at Tekken Tag Tournament 2. With things sounding like they will get bigger and better, it’s a wonder how they could ever top the line-up of the UK finals.

What it definitely means, however, is that it’s a tournament all fighting game fans cannot afford to miss out on.

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