Thor 2 Set Photos: First Look at the Dark Elves

Either the makers of Thor: The Dark World have hired a couple of photographers or their security is a little lax. It’s definitely unusual to have so many on-set pictures taken. Only a couple of days ago images were released of Chris Hemsworth doing what he does best and playing with his hammer.

Now we get our first look at Thor 2‘s villains, the Dark Elves. The sequel is expected to delve deeper into the Thor mythology, including a look at some of the other realms he was telling Jane Foster about back in the last film. The Dark Elves come from the realm of Svartalfheim, one of the Nine Realms that also include Asgard and Midgard (Earth).

British actor Christopher Eccleston is on board to play Malekith the Accursed, leader of the Dark Elves and assuming it’s not a stunt double then that’s him in the picture below. Fans will recognise the trademark half and half face markings. Though it is hard to recognise Eccleston under that amazing make-up.

Malekith is the big bad on the film and in the comics he finds a way to gain control over humans, a possible reason for Thor having to get back with Jane Foster.

If you’re curious about what the clapperboard says, “Thursday Mourning” is written on the top which is the working title of the film (so as not to attract too many nosy parkers). Thor: The Dark World is due for release 8th November 2013 and is being directed by Game of Thrones’ Alan Taylor. A full synopsis is available to read on Collider.

Source: GeekTyrant

Update: If you’re that way inclined, have posted some videos filmed by onlookers of Hemsworth fighting off a bunch of Dark Elves.

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