The MCM Buzz Christmas Gift Guide

We’re well into December now and no doubt the highly organised amongst you have already bought, wrapped and hidden the presents away already. But if you still need to buy something for the geek in your life then MCM Buzz is here to give you a few ideas.

The Comic Book Nerd
The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray: Out in time for Christmas, any Batman fan will need this to complete their Christopher Nolan era collection and the limited edition version is especially cool.
Ultimates: Ultimate Collection: If your friend loved The Avengers and is yet to actually read a comic book, then this is a great example of what comics can do. It even has the Hulk trying to smash Freddie Prinze Jr!
Sex Bob-omb T-shirt: Everyone needs to show their love for Scott Pilgrim’s band with this I “heart” Sex Bob-omb t-shirt. If they don’t know what you’re on about then you could buy them the books too.
Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes: A must watch for any Avengers fans, young or old. It features some great storylines and some hilarious one-liners.

The Film Buff
Tarantino XX Box-Set: Before they head out to see Django Unchained, why not give them the chance to watch every Tarantino film ever?
Jurassic Park T-Rex Box-Set: Provided they have some room on their (probably) already memorabilia filled shelves, this T-Rex will look great, watching over them as they enjoy their Jurassic Park Blu-rays.
Stormtrooper Keylight: The stacks of Star Wars toys and models are never-ending. But who could say no to this adorable Lego keychain?
Cinema Cards: Odeon offer gift cards, but the best (if you feel like spending a little more) are the Cineworld Unlimited cards. Movies are getting pricey and even if they only go to the cinema a couple of times a month they’re saving money! Beware though 3D films require a little extra on top.

The Fantasy Fan
The Game of Thrones Gift Set: It’s Game of Thrones. With an egg! There are some great extras on here to keep them busy over the holidays (including proof that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has seen the Tyrion slapping Joffrey video).
Rivers of London: Something a bit different here. The magic is looked at through the eyes of someone who’s logical and scientific. It’s exciting, it’s funny and there may or may not be Harry Potter jokes. (The third book gained points by referencing Avatar’s Earth-Benders)
Harry Potter Wizard’s Chest: A bit pricey but it might just give you a Potter-fan friend for life. If you feel like spending even more there’s also the cool “Page to Screen” shelf of books.

Tickets to the Hobbit: We’ll all have seen it by Christmas but no fan could say no to joining you for a second (or third, or fourth) time.

The Gamer
The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia: As talked about here. It’s a bit of a cheat this one as it will require pre-ordering it for someone when it comes out early next year. So if you can get away with giving your gift a little late, your gamer friend is sure to love this.
Assassin’s Creed inspired Hoodie: Watch them put it on and run around like a free-running assassin. Even better if they’re no good at it, then you can at least get a few laughs out of the deal. If you can’t fork out for that version (which is likely) there are cheaper hoodies out there.
Wii U: The biggest gift of the holiday season and one that will probably find its way into many homes. If you’re curious there are already some Wii U features and reviews right here!
Humble Bundle: The Humble Bundle is quickly becoming famous. There is a “Bundle” of games. You pick your price and how much of it goes to who. It’s split between the game developers, the Humble Bundle website and one of two charities. You might have to time this one carefully though.

The Cosplayer
Rainbow Dash Wig: It wouldn’t be MCM without cosplayers and no cosplayer is complete without a wig. This Rainbow Dash wig is especially cute, it even has the pony ears.
NYX Makeup artist kit: An essential for any cosplayer. This kit should help get them started or even fill some gaps in their own makeup collections.
Samurai Umbrella: Sadly not every day is an expo day. So to tide them over until the next comic-con, they should enjoy carrying this awesome samurai umbrella at their back. And who knows it might even feature in their next big outfit!
Finn hat: Adventure Time has led to hundreds of cosplaying Finns so why not create one more? Give your friend this totally mathematical Finn hat!

The Anime Otaku
Zubat t-shirt: There are lots of great designs on RedBubble but this one in particular should be suitable for a friend who is in desperate need of something that joins their love of Batman with their love of Pokemon.
Summer Wars: Every anime fan loves Ghibli movies, right? But if that’s all they watch, introduce them to Summer Wars. Half family drama, half sci-fi cyber adventure it’s a film that demands to be watched over and over.
Art of Spirited Away: A book filled with gorgeous artwork that everyone can appreciate. But if Howl’s Moving Castle or Kiki’s Delivery Service are more their thing, there are art books for them too!
Subscription to MyM Magazine: No fan wants to be left behind, so keep them up to date with all of the latest anime news with MyM Magazine.

Hopefully you’ve now gotten some good ideas. But if you’re still stuck, don’t hesitate to ask anything in the comments below.

(Thanks to Jackeno for sorting the pictures out.)

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