MCM Buzz Agony Aunt: Dear Lacy

Are you worried about wearing certain cosplays? Do your parents not understand Cosplay? Or maybe you are worried about wearing your first fur suit. If this sounds familiar to you then why not let MCM Buzz’s resident agony aunt, Lacy Ops, lend you a hand. 

We start this month with our first problem from sightforsoreeyes57:

I’m worried what people will think of me if I cosplay more revealing costumes, should I still give it a

What are your reasons for cosplaying more revealing costumes? Do you like the character? You will get attention, it may be bad or it may be good. If you are ready for the attention then go for it, if you are having second thoughts then you are not ready for it, it is as simple as that. Just don’t be shocked if the attention you receive is not what you wanted.

Anon23: I have a huge spot and I can’t seem to get rid of it and there is a meet up it 2 weeks time aughhh what can I do?

Okay calm down, literally stress just causes more spots. Drink plenty of water, back away from the fizzy drinks and chocolate. If you have one persistent spot that make up doesn’t stay on here is my top tip. Get white toothpaste spread a very thin layer on the spot leave to dry, then dab concealer on top of the toothpaste. The toothpaste will hold the make up in place, apply your usual make up and there you go one covered up spot. Also when choosing your everyday make up, make sure to stay away from any oil based products. Hope that helps.  

Sewqueen23: I don’t think my family understand my hobby and they seem embarrassed by it, I feel really stupid explaining why I dress up. Is there anything I can say to them to make them understand?

Dress up? You mean; the ability to plan and create masterpieces to a deadline, socialising, organisational skills, group planning, resourcefulness, creativity and just the ability to persist when things look bleak. Hmm not so embarrassing now. You can always say this is textiles on a greater scale. Or the best way to really make them understand is get them involved, they can be just as creative as you. Did you ever have a science project or some homework you just couldn’t understand and you asked for help and they helped you with a smile? This could be the same. Show them what you are creating ask them for their opinion on how to make parts, just be open with them. You never know they might be a wiz on the sewing machine, or the concept of making a weapon will get them in the garage sawing up wood for you. Give it a try there is nothing to lose.

Well that is all from me for this month. If you have any Cosplay, Expo or convention related problems that you would like me to help you with then please email me here: 

Disclaimer: The responses in the above piece are opinions and suggestions; where medical advice is required we would recommend that all parties seek this from a trained proffessional. The above responses also are no reflection on those held by the editors and organisers of the MCM Buzz or its parent company the MCM Expo Group. 

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