The First Four Minutes of Warm Bodies

Summit Entertainment have released the first four minutes of their upcoming romantic zombie comedy Warm Bodies through Fandango

Set during the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, the story follows R (Nicholas Holult), a conflicted zombie that unexpectedly saves human survivor Julie (Teresa Palmer) from a zombie attack. With R deciding to protect her, Julie sees that he’s different from other zombies and the two form an unlikely relationship that becomes something much deeper.

Based on the debut novel by Isaac Marion and directed by Jonathan Levine, Warm Bodies appears to offer a fresh take on the zombie sub-genre; one that has largely been offering the same bloody, head-exploding, intestines-munching, zombie-killing thrills.

The opening involves R plodding through an airport and providing a monologue that sets the tone for the film. That he’s even providing a monologue would suggest that this zombie thinks more than usual, even wondering about the former lives of the zombies around him and having an “almost conversation” with his best friend (played by Rob Corddry).

Warm Bodies also stars John Malkovich, Analeigh Tipton and Dave Franco. It opens in the US on February 1st 2013 and is released in the UK a week later on February 8th

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