Guillermo del Toro’s DC Comics movie moving forward

Guillermo del Toro is a busy filmmaker. So busy in fact, he had to turn down the offer of directing Star Wars Episode VII because he was just so busy. Regardless, the iconic director of films such as Pan’s Labyrinth and the Hellboy movies as well as the upcoming giant robots vs. giant monsters movie Pacific Rim has recently confirmed that yet another motion picture project of his is slowly gaining traction: a movie called (for now) Dark Universe.

It appears that the time of the comic book team-up movie is coming. With X Men: First Class and The Avengers already out there, and Guardians of the Galaxy and Justice League moving forward, del Toro is looking to put yet another great team-up into the mix.

Confirming the existence of the project in a recent interview with IGN, del Toro gave some information towards what we could expect. Dark Universe – the current working title for del Toro’s film – uses characters from DC Comics who fall into a much more supernatural line than the likes of Batman and Superman.

del Toro doesn’t reveal the entire line-up for the movie to avoid spoiling the plot, but characters will include Swamp Thing, my personal favourite Zatanna, her father Zatara, The Spectre, and John Constantine, who was previously adapted into a movie starring Keanu Reeves that could have done a lot more as an adaption.

He also reveals that at this current moment in time he is writing the outline, and there are already talks with a writer that del Toro believes people will be happy about, but the film is yet to be green-lit.

Guillermo del Toro definitely speaks passionately about the characters in this project, describing how they were part of his childhood (he even describes Swamp Thing as like a ‘rock star’), and how he would like to take those comic characters and make a movie about them, especially at this moment in time for DC Comics movies, who have established a darker tone with Batman and Superman, two ‘pillars’ for DC to build off and create their cohesive cinematic universe.

This is very promising news coming from del Toro. There is no better person to make a movie such as that in filmmaking at this moment in time, and it will be very interesting to see his interpretations on the characters he has lined up for this story.

The interview with del Toro can be viewed over at IGN, where del Toro discusses Dark Universe. It’ll definitely be a comic book team-up movie like you’ve never seen before.

Source: IGN

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