Quirky 3DS game allows you to Assault the Cheating Boyfriend!

So you have an inkling that your boyfriend is cheating on you and you’ve got the evidence to back this up. This means you’re allowed to assault him… well you can in D3 Publisher’s seventh game in their Japanese Simple DL Series – Assault the Cheating Boyfriend! Caught You Red Handed.

Originally a mobile game, D3Publisher have enhanced the graphics for its conversion to the Nintendo 3DS as well as adding a few unique touches.

The game has you play a girl and you suspect that you boyfriend is cheating. So you get to search his room. Once you get proof, which can range from lipstick on clothing or a hostesses business card, you decide to confront him with your evidence.

During the confrontation he will lie to you (!) at which point you try to catch him out. You can also hold down L and R and shake the 3DS, allowing you to throw the evidence at him. You could argue that you might get more fun throwing stuff at your boyfriend in real life, but at least this game allows you to get way with it without suffering the consequences of having him end up in hospital.

There are four boyfriends, who are curiously labelled as ‘targets’. There is Masato (23-years-old), Seiji (27), Toru (18), and Toshio (age unknown). Some might question how exactly a girl can date four guys in a row that all happen to cheat on her, however, depending on how you play, each one brings different endings.

Assault the Cheating Boyfriend! is released in Japan for the 3DS on January 30th as a download title from Nintendo’s eShop. The chances of a European release seems fairly slim. But would you be interested in playing such a title?

Source: 4gamer

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