Peter Dinklage Joins the X-Men Cast


Bryan Singer took to Twitter to announce yet another cast member. He officially welcomed Peter Dinklage on to X-Men and geeks everywhere got very excited. Fans immediately started to speculate on what role he might play and Variety reported that he would be playing a main antagonist.

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Shortly after this, MTV made their own announcement that Dinklage would be playing Bolivar Trask. This hasn’t been confirmed by anyone at Fox yet but if Variety and MTV were coming to very similar conclusions, then it’s very possible that this is true.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, Bolivar Trask is the man who creates the Sentinels. He sees mutants as a threat to humanity and sets out to invent something that can fight against them. He’s an interesting character and no doubt Peter Dinklage will do something really amazing with him.

X-Men Days of Future Past is due for release July 2014, is directed by Bryan Singer and stars just about everyone you could think.

Sources: Variety, MTV Geek, Bryan Singer’s Twitter

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