First Five Minutes of Live Action xxxHolic

xxxHolic Live Action (Anne and Shota Sometani)It wasn’t that long ago since commercials began to air for the live action drama series of xxxHOLiC, offering fans the fist glimpse of footage. Now WOWOW have gone one better and started streaming the first five minutes of the first episode.

The video first appeared on the show’s official site, but region lockout meant that not everyone was able to view it. However, a subtitled version (fan subbed by The Moonlighters) has since found its way on YouTube.

We see teenager Kimihiro Watanuki (played by Shota Sometani) plagued by visions and clearly able to see things that others cannot. He suddenly finds himself pulled into a shop where he is greeted by ‘assistants’ Maru and Moro (see if you can guess who is who). They then drag him to meet the owner, Yūko Ichihara (played by Anne Watanabe), a witch who grants people wishes, but for a price.

The eight-episode series is to be shown on Japan’s WOWOW Prime from Sunday 24th February. Along with the new series the manga by CLAMP is to continue with xxxHOLiC: Rei, which has been slightly delayed but is expected to run from March in Kodansha’s Young Magazine.

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