Roger Rabbit/Mickey Mouse Film ‘The Stooge’ Proposed to Disney


25 years ago one of the best movies to blend live-action characters and animation was released: Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It was a landmark movie, pioneered many techniques, showcasing animated Disney and Warner Brothers characters side-by-side, and of course, introduced the world to the impossible Jessica Rabbit.

The movie remains a masterpiece of cinema and is much more memorable than other live-action/animated crossovers (how many people can say they loved Looney Tunes: Back in Action?). Despite being quite the success with fans however – spawning cartoons, video games and spin-off novels – Roger Rabbit has never seen a motion picture sequel.

There have been rumours of a sequel, and at one point test footage was released of a CGI Roger Rabbit, fuelling rumour and excitement towards a return of Roger Rabbit. Ultimately however, it seemed as if Roger Rabbit was never destined to return to the big screen.

Until now.

Ain’t It Cool News recently revealed that they had received a tip about Gary K. Wolf – writer of Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, the book upon which Who Framed Roger Rabbit is based, as well as its sequels – and how he delivered the scoop on a brand new Roger Rabbit film proposal. Not only that, but once again, Roger Rabbit will not star on his own; he has a buddy in this potential adventure:

Mickey Mouse. 

On Wolf’s website where the initial announcement was revealed, there were several points laid out:

The movie is called The Stooge. It will be based on the classic Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis movie of the same name. The story has the emotional empathy and sensibilities of Wall-E and Toy Story. It will be a (G) Rated Pixar type animated musical buddy comedy. Mickey takes on the Dean Martin role, Roger, who is already regarded as a comic genius in France, takes the Jerry Lewis part.

The film incorporates five specific locations from the Disneyland park. It also introduces the Toon Train, an exciting and interesting way to travel through Toontown.

The film features real-life people. Walt Disney costars. Orson Welles makes an appearance.

The packaged Development Proposal is currently being evaluated by Disney and Pixar. Meetings are happening! Directors and writers are being evaluated. 

Upon initial reports on the project, Gary K Wolf later contacted Ain’t It Cool News about the announcement, clarifying a few points. For one thing, The Stooge is a proposal for a Disney/Pixar movie, but while it shares the title and similar plot elements to the Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis movie, it’s not a remake.

The Stooge PosterAlso the film is not actually a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but something entirely new and completely animated. While in a way this revelation is a shame, Wolf said that in ‘an ideal, rabbit-centric world, Disney will make both.’

Wolf also spoke passionately about the proposal, and how he loved the idea of Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit in a musical buddy comedy. As he spoke about how promising the project is, one also can’t help but wonder why there hasn’t been a prominent feature film in a while that has starred Mickey Mouse let alone Roger Rabbit.

The marriage of the two together seems like a match made in heaven. If only the studios could pool together and get a Mickey Mouse/Roger Rabbit/Bugs Bunny movie. That would be the crossover to beat all crossovers.

As it stands, the project hasn’t been greenlit, but if the creator is very excited by the pitch, and if executives can see just how viable and marketable the idea is, then hopefully The Stooge will actually happen. It does sound very cool, and a nice nostalgic throwback. It’s not quite a Who Framed Roger Rabbit sequel (and if one wished, the third Roger Rabbit book is released this November), but this is a step in the right direction.

Come on Disney/Pixar. You know you want to make this.  

And I totally don’t want this just for more Jessica Rabbit.

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