Infamous: Second Son PS4 Revealed


We live in a world where security cameras watch over the vast majority of our lives. Huge numbers of people are in prison and our lives are being monitored regularly by the government. Now, imagine how much worse things would be if a handful of people started developing superpowers, becoming human weapons capable of avoiding any form of detection and able to cause huge amounts of damage to anything in their way? That’s the premise of Sucker Punch’s new Infamous game for the PS4, Infamous: Second Son.


The focus is apparently on how our lives would change in this situation, as well as how far we would go and how hard we would fight to get back the freedom lost in this vision of the future. There seem to be several parallels between what we know of the game and the X-Men series, in terms of the mutant crackdown storyline that occurs from time to time. I’d expect to see people with powers being hunted down regardless of their intentions or if their powers actually pose a threat to the population.

What do you think of the game’s trailer? Do you expect it to have more of a focus on multiplayer now that there’s more people in the world with powers than in previous Infamous games? What powers would you like to see featured? What’s the biggest thing you’d do in order to maintain freedom in your life? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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