The Witness PS4 revealed


One of the key elements to the new PlayStation was to improve the experience for the developers as well as the gamers. They wanted to make life easier for indie developers and one such developer came on stage to talk about his latest project.

Jonathan Blow, the mind behind indie hit Braid, revealed his new game called The Witness. It’s a puzzle game with a vaguely sandbox style to it. But Blow wanted to make it clear that this wasn’t a typical sandbox game nor was it a typical puzzler.

For starters he emphasised the idea of condensing the game down and trimming away anything that was redundant. So the world is free to roam but also happens to be a tiny island where everything is a short walk away.

The same has been applied to the puzzles. He talked about the moment when you solve a problem and the feelings that come with it. He wanted players to be able to focus on that emotion. Though I feel as if Blow’s words will make more sense once we actually get to play the thing.

You can take a look at The Witness for yourself below. The visuals are truly gorgeous and the accompanying music (Mediaeval Baebes’ Glass Window) is eerily beautiful.

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