Watch Dogs on the PS4

Watch Dogs

Yves Guillemont, Chief Executive at Ubisoft took to the stage at the PlayStation conference to announce the Watch Dogs release on the PS4. The game was initially announced at the last E3 and made big news, so many people are already familiar with the title.

Guillemont made a speech about a smart city that is fully connected, with one central system being responsible for alarm systems, traffic lights, subways etc. You’d be forgiven for thinking he was talking about some Deluxe Sim City.

Watch Dogs takes the controls of the city and puts them in the hand (literally) of the main character. The gameplay demo shows the main character walking the streets and gaining access to the personal information of strangers. One look and you can know a person’s name, age and bank details (quite ironic to have a game about invading people’s privacy on the PlayStation, especially after the hacking of the PlayStation Network, it’s probably something they’re quite familiar with).

watch dogsAs the protagonist walks along, he spots an ATM and takes a moment to help himself to some cash. He then follows a woman and watches as she gets attacked. The protagonist pulls out a gun to interrupt and the attacker runs for it.

This is the point where the “smart city” idea comes in to play. The protagonist can use his access to the city’s operating system to raise roadblocks in the way of police vehicles or stop a train so he can climb onboard.

Watch Dogs will be available on the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and the Wii U a few months later. The demo that we saw was actually from the PC version. So the PS4 version might not be as far along as some of the others.

Yves Guillemont has said, “We are creating games that can be played anywhere, anytime, across many different devices.” And the PS4 platform could provide some unique capabilities in that regard.

PlayStation want the gameplay experience to go past the console itself, on to the PS Vita and possibly smart phones and tablets as well. And considering the nature of the game, what the makers of Watch Dogs choose to do with this could prove to be very exciting.

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