MCM Buzz Agony Aunt: Dear Lacy (March 2013)

As we head toward March and with the events season now well under way, MCM Buzz’s very own agony aunt Lacy Ops, is back to help those in need. 

DesperatelySeekingStitches: I’m using my sewing machine but the fabric keeps bunching up. What is wrong with my sowing machine?

Make sure you use test pieces when you are creating costumes. We don’t want you to ruin that fabric you spent a lot of money on.

Different fabrics require different tension on the sewing machine. In the manual it should tell you how to change the tension on the sewing machine. If it is still bunching up it could be you are not using the right sewing technique. A lot of stretchy fabric needs to be sown with a zig-zag line rather than a straight line. Or it could be as simple as the cotton you are using, some sewing machines don’t work with cheap cotton, so I’m sorry but you may have to fork out for that more pricey thread.

Lacy Ops as drawn by Sophie Chipchase

SSX1988: I’m worried about sweating in my costume. What can I do? 

Sweat is a natural reaction to cool down the skin, there is a way to stop it though. Perspirex is an on the shelf product you can buy from most chemists to tackle the problem. Please speak to the pharmacist or a doctor before use. It works by blocking up the pores of the skin and should be used on an irregular basis, as you still need to let your skin breathe. Also test it before hand as it may cause rashes. Other than that there are other strong deodorants, so you have to keep trying till you find the one that’s best for you. Another tip is to change deodorants from time to time as your body gets used to the deodorants.

KandyKane2012: My friend keeps lying about making her costumes should I tell anyone?

Hmm, it’s not the decent thing for her to do. You could pull her aside and just say, “Look, it’s not right you claiming you made it.” People really don’t care if you have made it or not, but she may have some other underling reasons to lie. People will also realise she is lying. People can usually tell if it’s an eBay item.

If the friend enters competitions, then that is definitely wrong. Especially when there have been some people who have worked really hard on their costume and not been able to enter the parade. There are rules and guidelines that you have to adhere to and it’s unfair that one person deems themselves better than everyone else.


Well that is all from me for this month. If you have any Cosplay, Expo or convention related problems that you would like me to help you with then please email me here: 

Disclaimer: The responses in the above piece are opinions and suggestions; where medical advice is required we would recommend that all parties seek this from a trained proffessional. The above responses also are no reflection on those held by the editors and organisers of the MCM Buzz or its parent company the MCM Expo Group. 


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