Daniel Radcliffe to play Igor in Max Landis-written Frankenstein movie

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe is certainly not one to rest after starring in one of the biggest film franchises of all time. The Harry Potter star has already continued to be star of stage and screen, having appeared in movies such as The Woman in Black and the upcoming Kill Your Darlings, as well as appearing on stage in productions such as Equus and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

One of the most recent developments however, is with his circling of a deal to play Igor in one of the latest interpretations of the Frankenstein tale. Lucky Number Slevin and Sherlock director Paul McGuigan will direct this take, itself based off a script by screenwriter Max Landis.

Landis is the scribe of the brilliant Chronicle from last year, as well as the wonderfully deconstructive analysis of the comic run Death and Return of Superman that became a viral YouTube hit. Alongside working on a sequel to Chronicle, Landis has many other projects on the go, such as the pilot for TV show Vigilant, and several other features at different stages of development 

Frankenstein is one that’s gaining traction; with 20th Century Fox working to get it out there. With a director attached, and Radcliffe looking to be Igor, the wheels are certainly in motion, with production hopefully commencing not long after Radcliffe finishes his stage run on Cripple of Inishmaan.

Max LandisLandis’ take sounds very enticing. His pitch stems from the idea that everything we know about Frankenstein is made up from all sorts of representations and interpretations of the tale that in turn has, funnily enough, created a Frankenstein-ian monster of a zeitgeist.

The film is told from Igor’s perspective. Most of us know Igor as Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant, yet that interpretation of the character didn’t appear in the original book, the Universal movies in the 1930s or even the Hammer horror movies.

There were characters who fit the description, but “Igor” as we know him was first formulated in the Monster Mash, and was ultimately cemented in the role with Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein in 1974.

With examples such as this, Landis has sought to write a screenplay that is a very meta take on the tale, collating and refining the ultimate version of Frankenstein, populated by our assumptions of the story, as well as picking and choosing from the entire lore to deliver what is imagined to be a fantastic script.

The screenwriter is certainly passionate about the project, as he is with the rest of his projects, which in turn is encouragable to the rest of us. There are not many other solid details, other than the take being a period piece and involves a scene at a circus.

Regardless, the Max Landis-written Frankenstein looks to be a love-letter and recontextualisation of everything we know and don’t know about the story. With a very capable director at hand in McGuigan, and the apparent lifeblood of the narrative being cast with Radcliffe as Igor, Max LandisFrankenstein script is in great hands. This is a project to watch given the talents of all of those involved so far. 

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