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Kodomo Keisatsu Kid's Police Poster

Kodomo Keisatsu (Kid’s Police) is a film based on a TV series of the same name that was broadcast in Japan last year. It plays up the clichés of hard-boiled cop thrillers with one main twist – the lead characters just so happen to be children! It may appear to be a gimmick, but the story actually offers a reason as to why a good chunk of the police force are all kids.

The film follows on from the TV series, which stars Suzuki Fuku as police detective Deka-cho (he’s the one with the insane hair, screaming “Nani!?” and wielding the shotgun). In charge of an elite group of detectives that form a Special Investigations Division, Deka-cho leads his unit into a warehouse, unaware that they are being lured into a trap by the evil organisation known as Red Venus. Exposed to a special gas, they suddenly find that they are all turned into children. Nevertheless, they continue their investigation in the hope that they can return to their original form. They soon receive a warning that Red Venus is planning to assassinate a visiting leader.

It just looks utterly mad seeing the lead characters in tailor suits, fighting criminals and wielding guns. It comes across as a strange mix of Lucky Seven and Bugsy Malone. Take a look for yourself. 

Directed by Yûichi Fukuda, Kodomo Keisatsu opens in Japan on 20 March. The chances of a western release would be fairly slim, but it could potentially find itself playing the festival circuit.

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