Music to match your mood – Neurowear reveals ‘Mico’

Neurowear - Mico

With the Necomimi a success and development of the Shippo (Tailly) imminent, Neruowear have been progressing with their brainwave technology, particularly in regards to music. They recently revealed Zen Tunes, which analyses a user’s brainwaves when listening to music and then produces a recommended playlist based on their state of mind. Their latest invention, titled Mico, takes this idea a step further.  

Short for Music Inspiration from your Subconsciousness, Mico is described as a device that frees you from having to select songs. Made up of two parts, a Mico app for iPhone and a huge headphone with a sensor, the iPhone detects brainwave signals, picking up on whether the user is focused, drowsy or stressed. It then automatically searches for and plays music that matches the user’s mood. As a unique touch, symbols on the side of the headphones light up, which also lets people know just what kind of state the user is in.

Neurowear have just released a concept video about Mico.

Neurowear (Julie Watai demonstrating Mico)As well as the concept video, Neurowear have also uploaded another video with photographer/model Julie Watai demonstrating the Mico in use.

Initially it may look like a device for those that can’t be bothered to select which song they’d like to listen to on their iPhone, but the novelty of Mico is that it will select something appropriate to match your mood. The concept video does highlight that the user can encounter “new music”, which would suggest that it’s not just restricted to whatever might be already downloaded on your iPhone. Potentially Mico could open you up to a range of new music you’ve never heard before.

There’s no word on a release date or price yet, though Neurowear will publicly demonstrate the device at the SXSW Trade Show in Austin, Texas from 10 – 13 March. Is Mico something you would consider purchasing?

Source: Neurowear

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