Ghostlight still hope to release Devil Survivor 2 across Europe


Ghostlight originally announced their plans to release Devil Survivor: Overclocked (3DS) and Devil Survivor 2 (DS) back in April 2012. There is a definite release date of 29th March 2013 for Devil Survivor: Overclocked and pre-orders via their website are still open. Doing so will include two A1 posters – originally meant to be double-sided, but the lovely guys at Ghostlight do love their fans. The bundle goes for £34.99 with free postage and packing.

Regarding Devil Survivor 2, the European build of the game has been completed and approved for release by Nintendo. Decisions are being made on the release, and speculation suggests that a Collector’s Edition may be produced that will only be available through the Ghostlight Shop, but further details will be released in time.


About Devil Survivor: Overclocked

“Tokyo is in full lockdown – the government’s swift, coldblooded response to a surprise demon invasion. While you and your friends must solve the nature of the inter-dimensional rift through which the horrific creatures are entering your world, saving the world is not your highest priority; staying alive, is.”

An expanded and enhanced port of the original Devil Survivor that was released in 2009; Overclocked includes voice acting for the entirety of the game and a new eighth chapter. The title also boasts remastered artwork and character portraits – making the most of the 3DS’ capabilities.

About Devil Survivor 2

“When a new website – Nicaea – goes live and becomes popular amongst Japanese high schoolers due to its reputation for showing people’s deaths in advance, a trio of students is shocked to witness their own deaths in a terrible accident just minutes away. They narrowly escape the carnage, only to find themselves in a worse situation – facing otherworldly demons. Desperate to survive, they manage to escape, but the destruction at the station is only the beginning…”

Presenting an all new story and cast – Devil Survivor 2 builds upon the mechanics – involving refinements and improvements over its predecessor – and all that was loved about the first game. The title also boasts an expanded roster of demons; vastly expanded party interaction, and an all new soundtrack, as well as multiple endings based on your choices – a feature that was established in the first game.

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